Pinnacle Pursuit

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"Pinnacle Pursuit Ring" a testament to overcoming boundaries and reaching new heights. This exquisite ring features a mesmerizing Bumblebee Jasper stone, renowned for fostering strength, courage, and optimism. Set in sterling silver, the stone's vibrant hues mirror the resilience and vibrancy of life's journeys.
A unique masterpiece, handcrafted to embody the theme of triumph over challenges. As you wear this ring, embrace the symbolism of resilience and the pursuit of greatness, making every moment a step towards your personal pinnacle of success and fulfillment.


  • Size 10
  • Stone: Bumblebee Jasper 32x18 mm
  • Length of ring from 38mm
  • Width of ring 29mm
  • Metals: sterling silver and brass
  • Maker Mark: Dotlizhi by Alicia Velasquez