Sewa Ania


 Welcome to "Sewa Ania: A Celebration of the Flower World"

 Join us at The House of DOTŁ’IZHI for an immersive journey into the enchanting realm of Sewa Ania. This celebration, running from May 25th to July 27th, highlights Indigenous artists from North and South America, showcasing their incredible talents and cultural heritage.

In Yaqui culture, the flowers in Sewa Ania symbolize souls, representing sacrifice and nurturing acts of giving. This world, nestled beneath the dawn's embrace, is the cherished domain of Little Brother Deer, a symbol of blessings and abundance from the Flower World. As he visits, he brings forth the essence of all that is good and beautiful, embodied in the vibrant blooms of Sewa Ania.

 The Healing Pinwheel


Placing the Pinwheel in the Ground: By planting the pinwheel in your garden, you are grounding yourself and connecting with the earth. This act symbolizes planting your intentions, finding stability, and establishing a firm foundation for your healing process. It is a way to anchor your hopes and desires into the natural world, allowing you to draw strength and support from the earth.

Decorating the Pinwheel: As you decorate the pinwheel and write words on it to express what you wish to release; you are engaging in a mindful act of self-expression and reflection. Each word represents a burden, a negative thought, or an emotion you want to be free from. This process helps you acknowledge and articulate what you are ready to let go of.

The Wind Carrying Your Burdens Away: When the wind spins the pinwheel, it symbolizes the movement and transformation of your burdens. Each spin represents the wind taking away the negativity, worries, and stresses you have written on the pinwheel. The wind carries these burdens back to the Flower World, a place of renewal and rebirth, where they are transformed and dissipated. This continuous motion reminds you that healing is a dynamic process, and with each turn, you are moving closer to inner peace and renewal.

By engaging with the healing pinwheel, you are participating in a ritual of release and renewal, embracing the power of nature to aid in your journey towards healing and personal growth. Let this pinwheel be a constant reminder of your resilience and the beauty of transformation.

A detailed calendar of events will be available soon.

Join us for a memorable celebration of art, culture, and the profound beauty of the Flower World!

Stay Tuned for More Updates!

Artwork for logo by Marianna Cota.