What makes us unique



We are committed to...

Collaborating with strong diverse woman, bloggers, makeup artist, photographers and small business owners, all contributing growth to our businesses.

Giving back to our community especially to urban minority groups. Focusing on programs that instill self-esteem and cultural teachings so that we do not lose our traditional values in generations to come.

Connecting women to culture in a respectful manner through culture appreciation.

Our Products

  • Each collection is inspired by a strong woman and the elements used is a reflection of her story, her cultural background and her style. 
  • Every piece is handmade nothing is ever mass-produced
  • Every piece has a story, there is meaning behind all the materials that is being used.
  • Materials are hand selected to make sure they are of high quality.
  • No stone is alike therefore each piece is unique
  • We are environmentally conscience in everything we do.