What makes us unique



Handmade and local

Every piece is handmade by me, Alicia in my Iowa City studio.

I handcraft Bespoke, limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces by infusing my unique designs with traditional techniques that were handed down to me by my father and elders. With integrity and authenticity, I can celebrate craftmanship while preserving my culture.

My stones

My semi-precious stones are responsibly source and handpicked by me. Every stone is locally hunted, cut, and polished by independent lapidarist from Idaho, Oklahoma, and Arizona.

My production

Protecting the environment is especially important to me and my family. That is why I create with intention. I reuse and recycle everything I possibly can. I design using traditional techniques and limited quantity to avoid excessive waste associated with other form of production. Most of my packaging is made up of recycled materials and every piece is made by hand in my Iowa studio.

My Ethical responsibility

 As I continue to grow, I am always finding new way to improve my carbon footprint. My mission is to hold myself to the highest standards of clean production by:

  • Using recycled packaging
  • I rather fix something then replace it
  • Reducing, reusing and recycle everything as much as possible
  • Hand making each piece in the USA
  • Using recycle metals/materials in all my accessories wherever possible.