Althaliah Fine Art




Iowa City based Native American artist, Eliana Althaliah Velasquez, has been honing her skills in fine art for the past several years. This self-taught artist began her journey when she was diagnosed with Autism at the age of five. To help cope with her anxiety at a young age her mother (Alicia Velasquez Owner/ Artist of the House of DOTL'IZHI) gave her a coloring book and crayons to express all of her negative energy into a safe place.

That little coloring book opened a whole new world for Eliana. She now creates magnificent one of a kind, and limited edition works of art using watercolor, pen, charcoal, pastels, gouache, and graphite. Born and raised in Arizona she pulls inspiration from her Apache/Yaqui heritage and the amazing colors of the southwest. Just like the Winddancer from the Apache legends, Eliana uses her gift to spread Light, Life, and Joy to people’s lives.